Uprising in Rosarno!

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Lundi, 15 Février, 2010

They were expecting just arms but found men

For years, Rosarno has been the scene of daily conflicts, isolated beatings and provocations between young people divided according to their skin colour and victims of such cultural misery that they have been pushed into behaving as enemies. These tensions have appeared in a territory where criminality prevails and the democratic state has opted out.

At the beginning of last January, after gunshots wounded two seasonal immigrant workers, the event triggered the immigrants' rage which blindly struck the Calabrese population. In turn, this started the hunt for the black Africanand racial uproar immersing us in situations not unlike those in a distant American past.

The racial attacks exploited African workers are subjected to are the product of the racist propaganda of the right wing government which has criminalized illegal immigrants by leading a political assault on the migration phenomenon. Furthermore, some newspaper articles have added to this climate by in a sense legitimizing barbarian acts committed by people undeserving of life in a civilized country.

In order to defend immigrants who live and work in our country, Italian anti-racists have launched a vast campaign called the Spring of antiracismto start on March 1st with the immigrantless day. For a few weeks now, in the wake of a similar wave in France and in parallel with the publishing of the book Blacks Out March 20th, 00 :01, an immigrantless dayby journalist Vladimiro Polchi, the Italian antiracist movement has been mobilizing from the south to the north of the country, organizing national and regional gatherings. SOS Razzimo Italia volunteers will be initiating numerous national events in an attempt to bring back to Italy the wind of solidarity which has always blown in our country, in spite of calm moments. We will face the storm of racism which has been sustained by institutional forces that have ignited the fire of intolerance instead of warming up and peacefully fostering civil consciousness.

By Angela Scalzo (General Secretary, SOS Racism Italy)


Translated by Aude Dipaolantonio

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