The oldest profession in the world

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Mardi, 9 Avril, 2013

Would you have ever imagined a pimp becoming famous, parading on national television? What about Dodo la Saumure (translate Dodo the Brine), then?

Would you have ever imagined a pimp becoming famous, parading on national television? What about Dodo la Saumure (translate Dodo the Brine), then?

Behind that name that sounds nice, you see a paunchy gray-haired man. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a singer from some kind of shabby pub. Hiding under this appearance is a man that sexually exploits women, we should call things as we see them.

Do not fall for that sweet old man image: from the moment he opens his mouth, we find out who we are dealing with. He is a dealer who thinks he gets to fool everyone about his trade. Still he is accused of pimping in the Carlton of Lille matter.

Not only does he want to sell an image that is not reality, but the media relay these information and give him credit. This means that the media does guarantee women slavery.
When organizations, collectives, movements, people and citizens are working daily for abolition of prostitution, other are trying to make you believe it is normal for some women to be sold by human traffickers as Dodo la Saumure.

What we must realize is that prostitution is not “normal”, or inevitable. 90% of the prostituted people stem from criminal networks, and in this part 80% of women are foreigners.
How is it still possible, after seeing those numbers, to be in favor of whorehouses? Especially when you see that the main argument is “it allows men to channel their sexual impulses”.

We cannot say of ourselves that we are feminists if we are not abolitionists. Prostitution cannot be dealt with, because it grants an open door to all kinds of criminal networks we cannot control. On the other hand, it is not tolerable for bodies to be literally used, in trading ends, and even more when they benefit exploiters and the person is not even controlling their body and activity.

It is and will always be a very dangerous profession. When a victim of those criminal networks tries to get away, they are most of the time found and reintegrated in the network. Prostitutes are often mistreated, and it is a weak word. It Is tough to count everything that goes on around priced sexual activities. In addition to the physical and verbal violence, they are also often dragged into drugs and weapons traffics.

France is on the side of abolitionists: whorehouses are all closed since 1946, helping, protecting or assist a pimp or an activity that relies to pimping is liable to seven years in jail and a 150 000 euro fine.

Today and more than ever, we must legislate in a firmer way in order to eradicate prostitution. We must not take action against the prostitute but against the one that is responsible for prostitution: the pimp.

Each and every national TV host that invited Dodo la Saumure in order to increase their viewership were in offense and we could have (should have?) sued them for that.


In the mean time, we have to keep on fighting against the exploitation of women because in addition to patriarchal domination, we also identify another cause. The capitalist politics wants to save money by all means and wants to make drastic reductions of expenses. These politics beggar people and especially women, and they endorse and strengthen the existence of prostitution, especially in criminal networks.

The one and only motto remains: ABOLITION!

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