Cover these breasts I shall not see

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Mardi, 9 Avril, 2013

The following of the quote goes “Through such objects, souls are hurt and it attracts guilty thoughts.”
The Tartuffe, by Moliere, act 3 scene 2.
Many people should read this play from the French repertoire.
They would teach a lot to all those old conservative people feminists are facing.
Still, we remain on the same stage and this replica is very accurate nowadays.
Just take a look at how the FEMEN movement is treated: Alain Soral even called them “Ukrainian whores”. Let us put things back where they belong...

When it comes to mentioning the objectifying of women in advertising, or them being over sexualised, none debates their nudity and the way women and their body are used.
It doesn’t shock anyone.
Whereas when it is about a protesting political movement that points out men domination over women, we hear many voices from everywhere. They are acting as frightening virgins in front of nudity when it stands for a political message.
We hear them ask “since when do women earn their freedom by showing their breasts?”
Unfortunately, we must admit that men pretty much own women’s bodies. As long as it is not the body that serves their sexual pleasure, it must be hidden, private, it belongs in the bedroom.

Obviously, half naked women in the automobile salon, or in the latest commercial of a famous fragrance in which men undress women by snapping their fingers does not disturb anyone.
It actually pleases the man with his vision of the woman: she must be quiet, beautiful and serve his pleasure.

Unfortunately for those poor little lads, FEMEN are still fighting.
When a woman has the guts to take responsibility for her sexuality and is not afraid to show it, when she takes control of her body by showing she is free to show it or not, when she points out that her body is no man’s property, everybody gets shocked and offended.
Concerning the name-calling “Ukrainian whore”, all I can say is that Mr Soral shows a huge lack of knowledge and arguments. It is way too easy to say a woman is a whore from the moment she chooses to own her destiny and her condition, and to be aware of her human freedom.

The problem is that women’s body parts have been sanctified, but the question is: by whom?

Men, obviously! We are back to what I was saying earlier, they exemplify themselves again in their ability to seize everything, including women’s bodies.
If we say it is not acceptable to show one’s breasts in order to denounce patriarchy, sexism, rapes, modern slavery that is prostitution, not only is it intentionally ignoring serious problems that exist in every single society, it also is granting men with the property of women’s bodies. They will not show it if it does not please them.
And this is how the macho trickery works...

The prevailing hypocrisy that on the one hand means to worship women’s erotic body but only when it is used for men’s pleasure, and on the other hand that means to hide it when it shocks their so-called ethics.
Still, as the replica from The Tartuffe suggests, it is obvious that no matter what we say, men are moved by a sexual desire that overwhelms them. Thus, they want to control women’s bodies at any costs.
Indeed, from the moment when they are no longer owners of this body, they are not able to be satisfied as they need to be. Though, people still have a hard time understanding that women’s bodies are confiscated by men in this mean. Choosing to show it or not, and doing what one wants with it means to reclaim one’s body that has been captive for too long.

A woman that thinks and is aware of herself scares men. The thing is that it must be understood that feminism is not vulgarity, it is not a whim, and it is not hatred towards men. No, feminists are not amazons: it is a fight that is a whole part of the class struggle. A struggle of the oppressed against the oppressors.

In conclusion, it is about showing support to each and every woman in the world that is fighting for women’s rights, those who are hostages of religion or tradition, to every woman and in particular to Amina, whose crime was to claim her body was hers and she was tired of “morals”. This support must go to each other victim of this kind of horror.

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